Selected Works

“The temple bell stops.

But the sound keeps coming

Out of the flowers.”

Matsuo Bashō (1644–1694)

I grow my own botanicals—the models for my artwork—or purchase them from local greenhouses that sell the flowers, fruits, and vegetables produced in the rich farmland of this region. We are fortunate to live in an area that is a major North American bird race! The birds in my images are found in our gardens and yard. My art is carefully created by hand in watercolor, pastel, pen and ink, and graphite using time-honored natural science illustration techniques.

Turk’s Turban: Mixed Media

Cherries: Watercolor and Pastel

Candy Cone: Mixed Media

Zea mays (Indian corn): Watercolor and Pastel

Apple Cycle: Watercolor and Pastel

Laughing Orchids: Pen and Ink

Dancing Beans: Watercolor


Black Oak Leaf: Watercolor and Pastel

Hannah's World_Kopka_1-2012

Hannah’s World: Pen and Ink

Pine Street Pears: Mixed Media

Picture 598

Les Beaux Légumes (The Beautiful Vegetables) Poster (Vintage): Mixed Media

Picture 248

Heirloom Gourds: Watercolor and Pastel

Robin Holly Day: Watercolor and Pastel

Picture 270

Grapes (Vintage): Watercolor and Pen and Ink

Picture 872

Garlic and Friends Market Poster: Mixed Media

Picture 974

Candy Mountain Foxglove: Watercolor and Pastel

Picture 871

Pineappple (Vintage): Watercolor and Pen and Ink

Picture 1320

Orioles and Oranges: Watercolor, Pastel, and Gouache

Picture 1319

Medicinal Plants Poster (Vintage): Watercolor and Pen and Ink

kaleidoscope show card_kopka_2015

Kaleidoscope Show Card (Vintage): Watercolor and Pastel

Nine Tulips Twirling, reshot 4-8-19

Nine Tulips Twirling Poster: Watercolor and Pastel